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"NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin"

Created: 09/18/2012
By: ThemeMakers
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Plugin Installation

  1. On your admin panel switch to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Go to browse, and select the zipped NewsPlus WP Nesletter folder.
  3. Hit Install Now and the plugin will be uploaded and installed.
  4. Once NewsPlus is uploaded, system asks you to activate it.
  5. Go ahead, activate and have fun!
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NewsPlus plugin main function

NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin is the application which greatly helps you to notify all and each of your users about further important dates, events, news, meetings, actions, etc. The main function of this plugin is to send out notification letters to people who got subscribed to be informed with your web-site latest news.

It is very easy to use and manage this plugin. Let's see NewsPlus WP Newsletter plugin in details.

NewsPlus in Use

Starting work with this application go to your web-site admin WP panel, and take a look at the left bottom section. Here you see “NewsPlus” plugin tab.

Where and how users can register

NewsPlus plugin provides with special widget for registration "ThemeMakers Newsletter Subscription" (admin panel > Appearance > Widgets)

Basically this widget is the form for registration. You need to drag and drop this widget to any sidebar you like

Fill in special fields for Title of this widget and short Text about it.

Do not forget save all changes!

On front-end your users see this widget this way:

NOTE : If you want to check how it looks on front-end - you have to log out your admin panel since currently you are already logged in as an admin

To get registration each user has to enter his/her name and e-mail address.

Within few moments user will get a confirmation e-mail with a request to complete the registartion, so he/she goes ahead and checks the e-mail address which has just been put to the subscription form. To complete the registration users only need to follow the link from the e-mail. In new pop-up window you will get such message:

which means that registration is completed, so new customer's profile has been successfully created and customer gets his/her profile password via e-mail.

NOTE: Please be aware that system automatically generates the passwords, however each user is able to change it in his/her profile.

Videocast: Where and how users can register

An admin can manage all users and their subscription via admin panel tab "Users"

Videocast: Where to manage your subscribers

Also you need to create special page on your website which is for user's cabinet. Each subscriber after log in to the system is able to manage his/her subscription - choose topics (categories) of mailing or even unsubsribe. Very important fact is to put special shortcode [newsplus_user_cabinet] on that page which you have created for your subscribers' cabinet, other way your subscribers will get an empty page when log in.

Pay attention to page ID, you have to put this user's cabinet page ID in appropriate field on Settings Panel

Videocast: User's cabinet page

How to create and send mails

From the very beginning it would be reasonable to create few topic groups or mail categories for mailing. For this we go to admin > Newsplus > Categories

Once you are ready to get started with new mail creation switch to Add New Mail tab. On new screen you need to:

  1. give a name to this mail - enter title
  2. in Excerpt box you put short description about this particular mailing, only you can see it in admin
  3. in Mail Constructor box select Email Templates from three default:
  4. specify Email subject
  5. choose the way of mailing: either to send mails to subscribers who are already registered, or to put each e-mail address for this mailing manualy in new appeared text area below. In case you choose "Send mails to subscribers" you have to check appropriate boxes for types
  6. to edit this mail

The main step is to add or edit text of this mailing. It is very easy to do - each field of default mail template is clickable. Simply click on that part you would like to change and you'll get pop-up window with text editor.

When all is done with mail content editing press "Publish", however before sending this mail you have also to check NewsPlus Additional settings panel to make sure that everything is set correctly.

Additional plugin settings

Here you are able to manage:

Also settings panel helps you to edit New user's registration text and New user's registration mail subject

If you are ready to send this mail than go to Mail Subscriber, open this just created mail and press "Send letter". System asks you to confirm this mailing and after that shows up Progress Bar of mails sending.

NewsPlus plugin allows to duplicate already created mails in case you wouls like to make not big changes for your next mailing.

Videocast: Mail Sending

NewsPlus mail statistics

We have added this services for you to get everything under your control. Thus you are able to check how many users are registered on your website, who of them are subscribed with newsletters and for which topics, who has deleted from the database, etc.

Users by status

Users by category

Unsubscribed users

Also each mail gives the information about date of sending and people referred by link.

In case if default e-mail templates are not enough for you and you would like to get more, use the following steps for adding new e-mail templates to NewsPlus newsletter plugin.

  1. take any HTML e-mail template
  2. create new folder in “templates” one, do not use spaces in file name, for example:“blue_2_columns”
  3. in this already created folder:
    • add new one for images and name it “images”. Put all images of HTML template there.
    • create a file “layout.php” and put there HTML code as below:
  4. all the links which you want to use in your template’s body and which will be clickable you should change to
    or absolute for any external page of any website you like.
  5. all the images’ urls in HTML make in such look:
  6. add the code below
    in the place where template header will be.
  7. do the same for footer – add this code
  8. the main thing is to define which parts of your e-mail template are going to be edited. Here we are talking about those parts which show us popup editor once we click an area to edit. All these parts are farmed by orange borders.
  9. put all blocks within the tables which are going to be editable into container
    here HTML of a block
    , where class "content_area" which marks "edit_area_2" – unique block and important for editing script. Use it this way: edit_area_0, edit_area_1, edit_area_2, edit_area_3 …
  10. take a screenshot of this template (as a preview in jpg format) 150x150 px and put it in just created template folder.
  11. create file "values.ini" and put there all information about your template.
  12. Sample info text for mail subscriber theme below:


    • author = 'Thememakers'
    • name = 'Blue'
    • layout = '2 Columns'


    • author — this template author's name
    • name — template unique name
    • layout – info field about columns, etc.
Videocast: Custom email templates creation